I’m delighted to be featuring fellow Edinburgh blogger Nicola of @WeeSlice today. Nicola shares her fabulous Edinburgh life with her two kids – Lola & Lockie – and of course her other half ‘Big Slice.’ I got to know Nicola through her Instagram Stories primarily and then over cocktails. Whilst I love her Insta Stories, drinking more cocktails with her is definitely one of my life goals at present!  So get ready for AMAZING shoes and handbag confessions…

What is your daily skincare routine?

Oh dear. I’ve always been pretty lazy with my skin and I must confess it’s starting to catch up with me! I’m sure having 2 under 2 has a lot to answer for, but the composition of my skin has definitely changed since having children. I try hard to stick to vegan/cruelty free products as much as possible and I have discovered some great new finds as a result. Pixi Beauty from M&S and UK brand Nourish are my favourites at the moment for a quick AM & PM cleanse, tone & moisturise.

Do you wear make-up? What’s your routine?

Day-to-day my make up is pretty pared down. A good primer (I’ve just run out of Hourglass but can’t bear to part with that much cash again while on mat leave!) followed by tinted moisturiser and concealer to cover the ubiquitous mummy-bags and any blemishes. Once my base is done I use a tiny blob liquid highlighter on my eyelids, apply a slick of any mascara I can find, then finish off with some bronzer and blusher. It probably takes 10 minutes all in. I try to have one or two days a week where I go without.. I think it’s good for your skin to breathe, and also from a confidence perspective – in a world of contouring and false lashes, sometimes it’s nice to go au naturale.



What do you do to style and care for your hair?

I have naturally wavy hair and zero styling skills, so my regime is beyond lazy. I wash it twice a week then put it in plaits, go to bed, shake it out, spritz with something curl-friendly/frizz/fighting and off I go. For the days in between, there is always Batiste.

What’s your go-to ‘everyday’ outfit?

We have a chocolate Labrador so all days begin with a decent walk; sun, rain, shine or snow. I try to be as outdoorsy as possible to tire the kids out so for now, my outfits have to be comfortable and resilient! March – October it’s a t-shirt, denim shorts & Havaiana flipflops.. for the months in-between switch that to jeans, walking shoes and a rain mac! In my working life I am in account management, so the day is generally spent dashing between meetings. My look then is business-casual; shift and a-line dresses teamed with cardis and sandles or flats.



Where do you shop?

I love H&M for basics; particularly their conscious range which champions the use of sustainable textiles and techniques. Their stores tend to be a bit of sensory overload so I find the website a much more calming experience for browsing what’s on offer! For classics it’s Whistles, French Connection & my new online hero, Style Lyrical. To update my wardrobe seasonally it’s great to take advantage of the global brand range to be found in local boutiques.

Do you have an all-time favourite item of clothing?

My black patent pointy flats from Schuh; one has a picture of a puppy on the toes, the other foot has kittens. Everyone close to me hates them which only makes me love them more. They’re at least 15 years old.

What was the most expensive item of clothing you’ve ever bought?

At the risk of instigating a divorce, I’m going to avoid mentioning anything recent! When I was 18 a school friend with more money than sense and I went for a boozy lunch in town.. on our way home she encouraged me to have a look in Cruise on George St.. I emerged 15 minutes later with an Anya Hindmarch bag and an empty savings account.

How do you change your look for a date night?

Eyeliner flicks. Colour pop shoes. Complimentary clutch. Skoosh of Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. Let’s go.



What’s your favourite thing about being a Mum?

The realisation that you are responsible for laying the foundations that will shape and determine your child’s future. When you stop to consider the gravity of it all, it’s incredible and amazing.. and terrifying.

Speaking of children, how do you like to dress your kids?

Having one of each, I don’t subscribe to colour restrictions so Lockie often gets lumbered with Lola’s hand-me-down clothes (neon orange trousers anyone?) Generally leggings and tshirts for both.. I must confess I enjoy a bit of twinning from time to time.



Have you got any ‘life-hacks’ for busy Mums?

Preparation. Routine. Avoid electronics. Go outside. Be silly.


Can you think of an occasion that you felt the most beautiful?

This may sound strange, especially given that I have two pretty rubbish birthing stories, but I would say I probably felt most beautiful in the first few days after having the babies.. the flood of hormones do something quite strange and wonderful to your perspective. Though I suppose the painkillers could also play a part in that! Your body is in tatters, but for a period of time you look in the mirror and see Charlize Theron’s hotter sister. It’s bizarre.



Who is your style icon?

I adore kitsch, femininity & twisted classics. I don’t really follow celebs these days so my icons are characters; SATC’s Carrie Bradshaw is a given, Breakfast at Tiffany’s Holly Golightly, Jessica Pearson from Suits, Alabama Worley from True Romance… and Marilyn Monroe in anything ever.



Is there anything you want to change about your style?

I feel like I fell asleep in my late 20s wearing candyfloss pink skinny jeans, a sequin vest and a beehive, then woke up in my 30s cocooned in leggings and holey hoodie – where did it all go wrong?! Ah yes, that’s right – kids. It’s a very gradual (and somewhat pricey) process, but I’m trying to update my wardrobe and inject a bit of fun back in… think logos, leopard and sparkle. Much to Big Slice‘s disdain 😀

If you’re having a tough day, what do you do to make yourself feel better?

Often I will document day-in-the-life disasters on Insta-stories, so the commiseratory replies from my followers are always guaranteed to raise an immediate smile! If it’s been a particularly heinous day, once the babies are in bed at 7pm Big Sliceenforces a chore embargo and deposits me in a bubble bath with a glass of red and my current bedtime read. Everything’s better after some exfoliation and a generous glass of Primitivo, isn’t it?

Thanks to Nicola for taking part in the Mama Uniform Series! You can find more from her at her blog Wee Slice or on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram!

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