One of my favourite ways to spend a lazy weekend is meandering down the streets of Stockbridge, taking in the vast and varied selection of delis, cafés and independent shops. It’s been awesome to watch the area continue to grow and thrive and without a doubt, the arrival of Bon Tot was a welcome addition.

Launched online in 2014, Bon Tot opened its first bricks and mortar store last Autumn, nestled right in the heart of Edinburgh, at 28 St Stephen Street. Specialising in baby and toddler clothing and a beautiful range of toys, it’s hard not to instantly fall head over heels with everything they have to offer. Focusing on great design, modern, minimal Scandi styles, small batch production and unisex themes – it’s pretty much everything I look for, with the addition of Frisco, the one dog that Katie isn’t afraid of!

Frisco - Bon Tot resident

Bon Tot is the first store of its kind that I’ve found in Edinburgh, with a great selection of clothing that any kid would be happy to wear. I love that they stock great quality basics – like leggings or joggers – that not only look beautifully stylish on their own, but can be mixed and matched with other brands and styles easily. I like that you can always find something a bit different, but that there’s nothing that isn’t suitable for kids to run and play in. Whilst I want my kids to look stylish – comfort is obviously higher on their agenda!

It has been wonderful to get to know Kristina and Graham over the last few months, and to hear more about their aims for Bon Tot – beginning with the concept of ‘sustainability’:

There’s the most obvious environmental aspect, and so we work with brands that use the best quality fabrics to make their garments; organic certified if at all possible.

Then there’s the social aspect. We only work with brands that use responsible manufacturing processes. We want to know where our products come from and who made them, and support small businesses and real people.

And finally there’s the financial side of things; an aspect that’s possibly closest to most people’s heart and definitely close to ours. Quality over quantity is our mantra here. We’ve changed our shopping habits a lot ourselves since having our daughter, Clemence, and setting up Bon Tot. We find ourselves buying more selectively and consciously.

We don’t have an endless budget, and so we want things that represent good value for money, that will last a long time and that won’t go out of fashion. Rather than finding the latest trend necessarily, we set a goal of “simply good design”.

Most of our clothing has a gender neutral theme, so that items can be handed down from sister to brother, cousin, friend and don’t need to be updated every 3 months. Our basic range is supplemented with some more illustrative and graphic styles.

It’s a very fine line between quality and cost. You’ll hopefully find a range of prices in our shop to cater to a range of budgets, but always focussing on value for money and longevity of use.

With this is mind, here are a few of their Spring Must Haves, photographed by fab local family photographer, Anna Moffat:

Gray Label Ribless Sweaters

Gray Label Ribless Sweater

Gray Label are based in Amsterdam and design contemporary and timeless basics using beautiful organic fabrics. “Organic apparel for the little minimalist”, as they very aptly put it. Their ribless sweaters are great year round pieces that can be dressed up or down. They are completely unisex and comfy as all get out!

Mingo Kids Leggings

Minho Kids Leggings

THE best leggings going. Mingo are another amazing small business from Amsterdam and another mum led company that understands how kids play. Reinforced knee patches are a signature Mingo style (super adorable while keeping holes at bay). Don’t worry if leggings aren’t your thing, Mingo do a great drop crotch harem; a looser fitting style that’s also perfect for cloth nappies.

Mingo Harem Pants

GOSOAKY Rainwear

GOSOAKY Rainwear

If living with kids in Edinburgh has taught us anything, it’s that you’ve got to have the right rain gear! It was love at first sight when we saw GOSOAKY in person… THE most stylish and cleverly detailed jackets we’ve ever seen. The range includes a classic yellow lightweight Mac, a super cool hooded cape (perfect for babes on bikes) and a hold the phone, 3 in 1 jack(et) of all trades number that covers all seasons, with a zip out, lightweight quilted bomber. Designed in Amsterdam and only available in the UK at Bon Tot.

Tiny Cottons Botanical collection

Tiny Cottons Botanical collection

Tiny Cottons Botanical collection

Our Tiny Cottons pieces are Spring personified. Designed and manufactured in Barcelona, their “Botanical” collection is a super fun graphic mix of plants, pots, palm trees and pastels. We love to pair their easy to wear oversized tops with knee socks, or their signature cross leggings.

Robertson & Rhodes Fox Hats

Robertson & Rhodes Fox Hats

Robertson & Rhodes Fox Hats

We’re so excited to work with this local Scottish mother / daughter team. The fox hats are a bespoke design, exclusive to Bon Tot, made from 100% alpaca wool which is environmentally friendly, super cosy, breathable and hypoallergenic. Super fun for kids to wear but stylish enough for parents to bear!

PS. All photos for this post are from the wonderful Anna Moffat Photography, please do check out her site, Instagram or Facebook page.

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