June is almost done and I am definitely on the count down to the summer holidays. Do you have a necklace you wear all the time? When I was in Brighton over the Easter holidays I spied a number of simple gold necklaces in shop windows. They were generally a bit more quirky in design but I thought they’d be great for summer.

I love the layered look when people wear more than one together. I think it’s a great way that you can make even just a plain T-shirt look a bit smarter.

For the longest time, I had to wear a teething necklace as Thomas would just yank on anything I was wearing. I’m really hoping that he’s done with this faze and I can try this look out too. I’ve chosen my nine favourite from etsy…

Thoughts? Which are your favorites?

Top row: Pinecone, Mini Disc,  Pineapple.

Middle row: Personalised Birthstone, Layering necklaces, Hexagon.

Bottom row: Rose gold, Elephant, Separates.

I like shopping on Etsy, but often just search for UK only so it’s a bit like the online version of shopping locally.

More I really like wearing jewellery that means something. I often wear a trio of bracelets with charms that represent each year of the kids lives. The idea of having a pendant personalised with initials or perhaps with their birthstone appeals. But then that said, I really like all of the others too!

2 thoughts on “9 Pretty Necklaces for Summer”

  1. Love some of these. I have a short necklace all the time as both my children have always liked to hold onto it as they fall asleep at night. I always layer up with something over the top too and these look great!

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