About a month ago, Katie came home from preschool claiming that she had eaten a ‘bab.’ She gave instructions that she wanted ‘babs’ for dinner and that was the only thing she would eat. It took me a while to work out what the heck she was going on about. But it turns out if it’s on a stick she’ll eat it.

We’ve recently had to revert back to having a very restrictive diet for Katie – so no dairy or soya. Whilst this is fairly straight forward, it does mean that there are lot of things she can’t eat. Of course that doesn’t mean to say she doesn’t want to eat those things those. As a result, I’ve been doing my best to find lots of treats for her. Which in turn, means lots of food on a stick.

As we’re heading into warmer weather we’ve got a great variety of fruit in supermarkets. I know you can get strawberries all year round now, but they definitely taste better in the summer. So we’ve really been going all out by making rainbow fruit kebabs.

A definite plus side to these are that Katie is able to make them herself. Strawberries are so easy to slice that she can also get involved in preparing the fruit too.

Ordinarily, she wouldn’t eat this variety of fruit. She tends to stick to bananas or apples given the option. But going back to the mantra – if it’s on a stick, she’ll eat it.


There’s a few ways of serving these – you can dip them directly into yoghurt (coconut yoghurt is a good bet for dairy-free). Drizzle them with yoghurt and then freeze them. For a less healthy option (but not overly), they are also a delicious with a bit of maple syrup or honey – and extra sticky!

I’ve seen people thread other things on like marshmallows etc. but honestly, they are also very nice plain!

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