Do your kids (or kids you know) say anything that just makes you melt? Kids really can say the best things sometimes and you just have no idea where it came from. I love it when kids are just chatting way, but without making complete sense.

When Katie was about three and a half – she kept dropping the phrase ‘fat leo’ in to conversations. It eventually became something more like ‘fac-tu-leo’ until one day, it just disappeared altogether and came out as ‘actually’. I was so sad when I realised she had corrected herself but couldn’t tell you exactly when it stopped.

My Mum mentioned that my nephew Joseph currently calls anything little ‘lit lit’. Whilst I know we’re lucky to live in the age of videos etc – I do wish we could just freeze time sometimes – I’m so sorry I don’t get to see him more often.

Just this week Thomas has been utterly obsessed with Lego. So much so that he’s stopped wanting a hug as soon as I’ve arrived home. He’s always been such a tactile boy and would wrap his hands round my hair to avoid being put down. It’s come as a very sudden shock that he’s not doing that. As he asked for a cuddle tonight, I made certain to really just try and savour the moment. Knowing that at some point in the future, he won’t want cuddles from his Mum at all.

It’s made me reflect on some of the other things I just love the kids saying:

Thomas for example, is adamant that his name is in fact ‘Murtagh’. When he began naming objects he has always named himself Murtagh – the Gaelic for Moriarty. We have no idea where it came from but it utterly cracks me up. I’m at the point where I’m actually scared to ask who he is for fear that he’ll actually say Thomas!

The other phrase I just adore is Thomas’ word for rugby – ‘RUGGY!’ Although he is an absolute nightmare at Rugby Tots (so much so we’ve decided not to return!) he has endless enthusiasm for shouting ruggy. It’s crazy cute so we’re settling for wearing the kit and running about in the garden yelling. Much more fun rather restraining him from climbing under stacks of chairs!

Not to leave Katie out she continues to come out with some amazing things sometimes. Although she’s past pronouncing words consistently wrong – I just love hearing little snippets of what’s going on in her head.

She is the worst at going to bed at night, or rather at falling asleep. I really do feel for her as you can just see her little brain wiring as she just gets more and more exhausted. I’m not quite sure how to solve that dilemma but I do like her late night conversations with ‘Mr Dark’:

“Mr Dark
… Why are there so many pieces of dark? Why can’t there just be morning pieces? If there was just one dark piece and the rest were morning, then we could just play.”

Mr Dark. Do you know the man on the hill? He can turn the light on and make you go away. You should hurry up and hide. In the morning, I have lots of things to do and I can’t have lots of dark.”

Do your kids say anything funny? 

P.S. Check out Katie’s conversation two years ago…

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