May does seem to have whizzed by as much of my working life has been out of the norm. I find that being out of routine with each day being different means it’s much harder to keep track of days. As a consequence, they just seem to go by in a flash. I was thinking I still had loads of spare time, when all of a sudden May is over and I actually have this little pile of work that’s built up whilst I’ve been lazing in the sun!

Once again, I thought I’d follow the Little Loves structure – as suggested by Coffee, Work, Sleep, Repeat – to look back at the month that’s been and just check where we are.


My brother shared this tweet by Effie Seiberg this week who had just highlighted an article taken from a newspaper. She didn’t name the source but I thought it was just really interesting.


Why language is awesome


Obviously you can read the whole article (it’s not that long) but I’ve been amusing myself by thinking how words sound when they are in the wrong order. As the article points out “Adjectives have to be in this order: opinion-size-age-shape-colour-origin-material-purpose-noun.” It probably says a lot about my sense of humour, but I have enjoyed thinking of all those little phrases the ‘wrong’ way round – little three pigs, coffee large hot, hot nice beach… the list is endless!




I love to binge watch programmes on Netflix and have a few guilty pleasures. I was therefore delighted to notice that the third season of the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is now out. Although it may get a little old, I do enjoy the episodes and think the characters are hilarious.



Right now I can currently hear Spotify on our sound system and Katie role playing. It’s rare not to hear her voice in our house – whether it’s her singing one of her self composed songs, or just calling out instructions.

This week we swung by Sainsburies on the way home from pre-school to grab some extra groceries. I asked her what she’d like for dinner so she announced she’d like ‘chicken, broccoli, carrots – not cooked, and mushrooms.’ I was gobsmacked as this was the first time she’s not requested sausages and chips or just plain pasta.

However I was even more gobsmacked by her then adding ‘Have you got that? Can you repeat it back?’ in the most teacher-esque voice imaginable. I am living in hope that she’s picked that up at school and not from me!



For the last two weeks I’ve been following the 90 day body challenge by Joe Wicks. Whilst this means an increased amount of time at the gym (I’ve been going at 6.30am each day). It also means I’ve spent a HUGE amount of time planning food.


Chicken Cashew Curry


This was one of the first meals I tried from the plan – Chicken Cashew Curry. Whilst I appreciated it was yummy, next time I definitely will be adding less chilli!


This is a funny one as I’ve been filling so many different roles in the last month that there’s no one answer. I am however strongly reminded of that viral Facebook post asking men to take more pictures of their wives. I don’t have a single photo of me in everyday life this month. Or for any previous month to be honest.


I have been thinking a lot about perspective though. Although I’ve been following this diet to try and ‘get in shape’ my clothes tell the journey I’ve already been on. The shirt I couldn’t button up is now lose. The shorts that were tight now need a belt for them. I even braved ditching my normal gym capris for a pair of short shorts!

I felt horrible self-conscious but the next day someone mentioned seeing me in them. She said that she had thought I had looked really good in them. In my mind, I was certain my tummy was hanging out and that people would just me on all the bruises that pattern my legs (from walking into things all the time!).

It’s been nice to receive compliments this month but it’s also been a great reminder about how little kindness really costs.

I’ve been making an effort to say the things I usually wouldn’t say for fear of looking weird. Next time you think someone looks nice, or has cool glasses, or perhaps fun shoes – compliment them! It’s totally the way forward!

And lastly…

The count down for the holidays is on! For me – there are 35 days until the freedom of the summer. In the month ahead I’m going to be away from home for a whole five days which I’ve never done before. I have an insane amount of exam marking and I hope to continue blogging as much as I can! Here’s hoping you’ll be with me on the journey.

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

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