I am very glad that March is at it’s end – I am so ready to welcome April and the Easter holidays!

March has been a really busy month for me but it’s mostly been about work rather than blogging or family life. I’ve been working every weekend bar one and it’s really just resulted in me being a bit despondent at times.

Spending decent time with my family is a must for me but also having time to go to the gym is so important. I’ve found my weight has crept up a few pounds as a result of just not having time to prep food properly. The last week or so has been better as I’ve been swimming in the mornings if I knew the evenings would be bad. Still have a long way to go though before I can rival gym goddess!

Once again I’ve decided to use the #littleloves subheadings to look back at the month we’ve had:


In honesty, I’ve generally just been reading kids school work. It’s the month that Advanced Higher dissertations are due in so I’ve had a fair number of drafts to look over.

That said, I’m always keen to read with the kids – especially Ben. He’s finally beginning to enjoy reading a bit more and I see it as a challenge to find books to keep this trend going. I like to read the same books as him so that I can check he is actually reading (by giving mini quizzes) but more so we can talk about the story together. We’ve recently read the first two Artemis Fowl books (the first being better than the second). But following a recommendation from a librarian friend we’ve just started the Chaos Walking Trilogy by Patrick Ness.

Patrick Ness trilogy

I asked Ben if he was enjoying it so far – he smiled and said “Yeah! It really gets your heart pumping.” I never, in a million years, thought he would say that about a book. I literally could’ve jumped in the air and shouted with joy. I obviously wanted to play it cool but I massively owe Lauren (the librarian) a lot of coffee.


Whilst I find most contestant type TV shows fairly depressing – I do make some exceptions. My love for Mary Berry and the Great British Bake Off is well known. Sewing Bee actually inspires me to get my machine out and make stuff. I don’t mind an occasional episode of something with Gareth Malone. But this month… it’s all about The Great Pottery Throw Down.

To me, the thing that all these shows have in common is that they are happy. No one is being shamed or embarrassed. The people are just nice. Obviously, things sometimes go wrong and people are disappointed to be going home. But no one is shouting or swearing. It’s about a love of creativity and in this instance the passion that people have for pottery is admirable.

I’m definitely not about to be turning the garage into a pottery studio – but I’m genuinely sad the show is finished.


Mike has been more productive than any of us on the making front and has been busy drawing and even sculpting some new work! If you’re local to Edinburgh then please do check his work out in The Pantry, Stockbridge. He’s been doing some pretty cool things and we hope to be displaying some more of his work in the coming months – so watch this space!


Last month were were celebrating Thomas being selected to be one of the Tickle Tots Brand Reps for Spring but I’m happy to say that our celebration continued – as Katie was chosen to rep for Marloweville!


They’ve got some of the coolest prints around, especially for any other monochrome fans out there. I’m hoping that we’ll have more good weather so I can get out and get some more photos to show these t-shirts off. The fabric is of a great quality and they’ve been washing really well after a day of preschool!


I had been hearing Castle on the Hill by Ed Sheeran everywhere and could really relate to the lyrics. I finally caved in and bought the album to find I actually recognised half the tracks. He is everywhere at the moment!

But actually – he’s everywhere for a reason. This is what I’ve been listening to on the way to work, and multiple tracks have now been added to my gym playlist too!

and lastly

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Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

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