Recently I actually succeeded in finishing one of my personal resolutions for 2017. After a few years of attempting it, I’ve read 52 books this year. I’d like to say that they were all in some way intellectual, akin to to War and Peace, or at least by authors of good standing… but I can’t. I’ve read a massive array of books from fiction aimed at teenagers to ‘how to’ guides relating to blogging. I’ve made my own rules up and made it my personal thing. But has it made a difference to my life?

At the point at which I had seven books to go, I asked a friend if it was worthwhile finishing. She thought I should just give myself a break and I was sorely tempted. It was only because I actually WANTED to read more that I’ve actually reached the total. I re-visted a series and just turned to some old favourites. It was a nice way to spend time in the holidays.

But it strikes me, that my resolution was really just something I was going to do anyway. It was interesting to track my reading for a year. However I’m fairly certain there’s some books I’ve forgotten to add along the way. I also know that there’s been other years in which I’ve read far more.

I don’t feel like that succeeding in meeting the resolution has changed me in any way. I’m not healthier, I’m not in a different mental space, and no one has been impacted by it. In short, I feel underwhelmed. Completing just feels unremarkable. Which is the worst thing to be!

So, for the year ahead I’ve been thinking about everyday changes that might actually make a difference:

  • Spend lots of time with friends and organise at least one dinner a month that’s ‘social’.
  • Drink WATER – don’t just buy the nice bottle, actually drink it.
  • Find an exercise class that I actually want to go to (and where I’m not ‘clock watching’).
  • Try the pizza place I’ve been wanting to try forever but sometimes have been too busy.
  • Have brunch regularly with my family – actually use our waffle machine!
  • Read books that make me think – like this one!
  • Look for ways to ‘pay it forward’ daily.


What do you think? Are you planning to make any changes in 2018? My ideas are certainly still in the planning stage so I’d love to hear from you!

P.S. Illustrations by the wonderful Alison Soye.

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