When thinking about Lighting Ideas for Kid’s rooms there are a few things to consider.

I obviously like interior design and enjoy considering what to include in our own house. In the kid’s room, whilst I want things to look nice I also need them to be practical. They have to be safe and serve a function but it’s always nice if they also entertain.

Lighting is a really easy way to add a bit of fun and quickly change the feel of a room.

Although they kid’s share a space, I wanted them to be able to have their own areas. It’s good that Katie can disappears to the top bunk to chill out. But it’s important that she has lighting that works for her there. Whilst she is not at the stage of turning her own light out – it’s important she can turn one on if she needs to get down. She also often claims to be scared of the dark – so non intrusive night lighting is also important.

I figured that many parents would be in a similar situation with needing different lighting so thought I’d share a few lighting ideas for kid’s rooms:


For ceiling lights, I am still a huge fan of plumen bulbs. Since we have one in our playroom, I wanted something different but equally playful. We don’t have the highest ceilings but I really liked this lampshade. It diffuses the light nicely and the pattern fits with the wall design.

Given the position of the bunkbeds it was necessary to move the light. However, rather than moving the whole thing entirely I decided to simply use a longer cord and turn this into a feature.

Lighting ideas for Kid's Rooms - Edinburgh with kids

I purchased the yellow fabric lighting cable on Etsy for a few pounds and used cabling clips to attach it at various points in the ceiling. At some point I’d like to change these for something more aesthetically pleasing but for now I think it looks pretty cool.

The yellow colour pop ties in with other accessories in the room, and just adds a nice playful element to the room.


Lighting Idea's for Kid's Rooms - Edinburgh life with kids

For Katie’s nightlight, I found this little ice-cream lamp which just provides a soft glow. It certainly is not bright enough to act as a reading lamp but is enough to act as a reassurance. Given that Katie adores ice-cream, it’s also a design that appeals to her and works well with the other colours in the room.


Lighting ideas for kids rooms

Finally, I love these bobble lights that hang in the corner of the room. Given they extend down the length of the wall, they work for both levels of the bunk beds. They provide a colour-pop whether lit up or not, as well as acting as a practical light. I can read a story by these alone, so we can have a nice dimmed light for bedtime. They don’t keep Katie awake if they are on through the night – and failing all else, just look nice!

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