The benefits of Lavender are well documented so I’ve been keen to make use of the abundance of lavender we have in the garden. Decorative Lavender Pillows are always nice so I thought I would put together a tutorial (of sorts) to show how to make them. Whilst there may be more professional versions out there, I think this is a great craft you can achieve with your kids.

We have two Lavender plants by our front door that smell divine when in bloom, but quickly become unruly. Way back in November, I got Ben to cut the stems back and save the flowers in a bowl. I had all these good intentions to make a Lavender Pillow immediately but of course, didn’t find the time.

Today I had the unexpected treat of having some one-to-one time with Katie, so thought it was about time I did something. I had seen a few hanging lavender pillows so thought we would adapt it to appeal to Katie. Today, she had chosen to wear fox tights, fox clips, and a fox dress. Rather than break with her theme – we opted for a fox design.

Cutting the shapes

How to make a Lavender Pillow

I already had an idea of how I could layer colours to look fox like. So to begin I simply folded a piece of orange felt in half and cut a fox shape. This ensured it was fairly even and gave me a template to make a backing.

Next, I simply cut two white ovals to fit either side of the face pieces. Along with a black triangle nose and eyes. I also snipped a piece of black felt to act as a hanging loop as I couldn’t find any ribbon laying about.

Compiling the layers

I initially used ‘glupey’ glue for this stage and got Katie to put the shapes on. As with all of my attempts to be Pinteresque, things of course went wrong.

How to make a lavender fox pillow, Edinburgh with Kids

The glue absorbed quickly into the fabric and they fell off soon after I started trying to sew them. I’ve since used a much stronger glue that seems to have done the trick – but if I had more patience, I could’ve just sewn them on.

I had also fully intended just to whizz round the edges with my sewing machine, but the needle broke before I even started. As a result, I ended up having to sew by hand with Katie’s ‘assistance’. Not quite what I had in mind.

I initially sewed round the edges with the ‘wrong sides’ together before turning it inside out. I obviously left a gap to ensure that I could then fill it but this worked fine.

Filling the fox head

I was worried that if I filled the whole thing with lavender it would just leak. Instead, I hacked some netting off an old dressing up outfit of Katie’s to create a little parcel. (She wasn’t looking at the time.) This was secured with thread and then put inside the fox head. This seems to have done the trick as you can definitely still smell lavender but there’s no annoying bits sticking out.

How to make a lavender fox pillow, Edinburgh with Kids

To fill in the gaps, I simply used some cotton wool – the type you put in cuddly toys. I had some left over from some project but I wouldn’t be adverse to hacking up an old toy either – I’m mean like that!

All that was left to do was sew the gap left to stuff the lavender pillow closed – you can see the stitches round the bottom of the fox but I think it looks rather like whiskers.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the final result. For a joint Mama/Katie craft session – it actually looks better than our usual attempts.

How to make a lavender fox pillow, Edinburgh with Kids

If I were to develop this idea, I think I would use cotton rather than felt – at least for the base. I’d also definitely stock up on some spare needles for the machine. I have no idea why it wasn’t working but would’ve made the whole thing a lot easier – you live and learn!

Please do pin this one for later and let me know how you get on if you attempt something similar!

How to make a lavender fox pillow, Edinburgh with Kids

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  1. I saw this on Instagram and wondered what you had made! This is amazing! I would love to do the same but I’m so rubbish at anything like this, I might give it a go just for the comedy factor when mine comes out looking like road kill!

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