This month has felt like a very long one. New Years Eve and the Christmas holidays already seem like a life time ago. We’ve crammed so much into this month but it’s had some real highlights. There’s also a lot to look forward to and that’s really exciting.

I mentioned in my December roundup that I was going to have four clear aims for my blog this year. Aby (from you baby me mummy) advised breaking the year down into 90 day cycles. Then to work out what you can do in those 90 days to help you reach your overall goals. You can then go even further and break the 90 days into 2 week blocks in which you ‘sprint’ – focusing on one thing for that time.

I’ve found this really helpful as focusing something for two weeks is a lot more managable. I’ve found that it’s meant my time is a lot more focused and I’m getting a lot more done. It’s also encouraging to actually see readers increasing and more people following on social media (thank you if you’re reading!).

I’ve found time to read and have also been (re) completing Emily Quintin’s ‘Beautify your Instagram’ course. I found this really helpful last year and she’s updated it with loads of content. Whilst it’s nice to have a few more followers, I’m loving that people are taking the time to comment on my photos. It’s nice to then visit their photos and makes me feel much more connected to the big wide world out there!

Mike has been busy creating lots of new art work. I’ve managed to get his website up and running – although I have lots of new images to include! I’m also super happy that his work is now on display at one of my favourite Stockbridge eateries – The Pantry! He’s been working really hard and I love to see him create and make time for his passion. I’m slightly concerned about the number of frames now missing from the walls in our house – taken in an effort to get everything properly framed – but it’s fun to see lots of new ideas emerge.

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The panic of the month was Thomas falling at nursery and busting his lip. I had to make a horrible decision of whether to have him held down and stitched up or go through having another General Anaesthetic. Given that he was going to have to get needles stuck in him either way I opted for him to be held down. He was actually really stoic so it went really well and was over in minutes. I cannot believe how quickly it has healed and except for a tiny bit of thread still in his lip – you wouldn’t notice a thing.

Edinburgh with Kids

The biggest news with Thomas is that he’s actually been sleeping through the night! We were given a Tickle Tots 2 nappy to trial and have found it’s really the best night nappy for him. It’s been very strange to be getting more sleep as I actually have found I’ve felt more exhausted. I guess it will just take time to adjust as over a year of no more than four hours sleep at a time is bound to take it’s toll!

Katie has been in a funny old mood for the last few weeks. I think beyond anything she’s tired. But rather than go to bed she’s just been fighting against the world. She was very upset this week because the children who are picked up by their parents (rather than going to after school club) got to go to this wee lending library. I of course work so don’t pick her up until much later. She was absolutely distraught that I wasn’t there and just kept crying that she missed me. Thankfully (and very unusually) I had a gap in my day so could go visit the library with her. On arrival, I got the biggest hug in the world and it was entirely worth the hassle just for that.

Edinburgh with kids

In honesty, I do get a little bit irritated by the amount of things at school that require parental involvement. It’s good for parents to be involved in their kids learning. Obviously this is important. Parents and school should work in partnership. But sometimes it just seems a bit much. Katie could’ve been taken to the lending library by her teacher but she completely missed out. I know they could’ve been waiting for a day when she was collected by Grandma;  but Katie wasn’t to know or understand this. In her immediate world – the other kids got to get books with their mummies and I wasn’t there for her. I think my heart broke just as much as hers!

That said, I’ve made sure to make lots of time for her and we’ve had some wonderful days out together. I’ve got a great post on our visit to Britannia coming up in February and some exciting craft ideas to share. It’s even more impressive that some of our craft items actually look like my initial intentions rather than the last disaster.

I feel hopeful that a lot is happening and that there is much to look forward to. I’m heading to Norfolk for a couple of days to visit my new Godson (super excited by this) and just feel that this year has started out as a good one.

How are things going for you? Please do comment below as I’d love to connect.

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