I’ve followed ‘Deliciously Ella’ on Instagram for some time – purely for pretty food shots – but I’ve probably been pretty slow on the uptake when it comes to actually following any of her recipes!

A few years ago, I was feeling very tired a lot of the time and was developing headaches on pretty much a daily basis. A good friend of mine suggested rather than upping caffeine intake, it might be a good idea to go and see a nutritionist.

As a result, I ended up at the Edinburgh Centre of Nutrition and Therapy. Over an hour and half, the fabulous Sarah Stelling picked apart my lifestyle and normal food habits – before introducing me to a whole new way of eating.

Aside from suggesting a bunch of supplements, I ended up cutting out alcohol, dairy, gluten, red meat, and sugar. Needless to say, after a few months on this regime – I felt utterly amazing but seriously wanted a massive plate of pasta and a bottle of red wine!

As the years went on, I ended up taking less supplements but actually didn’t reintroduce a lot of things I cut out from my diet – I still avoid caffeine and do restrict my intake of the other food groups – trying to opt for more ‘real food’ where possible. Of course… I still kind of love sugar-filled cake! (Oops).

Recently, though I’ve really been feeling a bit under the weather. After a bad bout of tonsillitis, I’ve continued to feel run down and super tired. As a result I’ve been a little too reliant on snacking and particularly, very sweet tea.

Knowing that I could probably rectify this by switching up my diet, I was keen to look through a friend’s copy of ‘Deliciously Ella Every Day’ (as I was round drinking sweet tea). I was impressed with how nice a lot of the recipes sounded and that a lot of the same ingredients were used in each recipe. It’s a particular bug bear of mine, when you get a new recipe book but each has a bunch of exotic ingredients – I like the ones when I already have the stuff in my cupboard!

After spying that the book was under half price on Amazon, I got myself a copy and for the past week we’ve been tried out a number of recipes.

Deliciously Ella Review

For breakfast, my absolute favourite thus far has been her Bircher Muesli. The recipe on her website is a little different but sounds just as yummy. I chose to make mine with coconut milk and since it keeps for 3 days, I just tripled the ingredients. Although I have to say, the portion size is massively generous and I’m not sure how anyone could eat all of it – I’ve been eating what I think is a big portion and have definitely been full until lunchtime.

Deliciously Ella Review

In terms of dinner, I’ve been amazed at how readily Katie has tucked into everything. I shouldn’t have really been surprised given that she always eats veg before meat and loves a good curry, but these dishes have really been a hit. Although I would suggest using less chilli flakes than a lot of the recipes call for unless you like it hot and your kids are particularly accustomed to heat!

Last night, we tried making the Roasted Aubergine and Tahini Bowl – Aubergine is easily my favourite vegetable, so I was in seventh heaven! We also had some courgette and mushrooms to use up, and since Katie loves these it made sense to throw them in too. Admittedly, she wasn’t so taken with black beans, but I liked that it was very easy to adapt the recipe using up ingredients we had in stock. Katie wasn’t sure of aubergine until I told her it was mushroom at which point she scoffed the lot. I was happy that she was eating but a little sad at not getting to finish her left overs! Haha.

Deliciously Ella Review

This was such a simple meal to make, but was really filling and I honestly felt so much better after eating. I wasn’t left feeling bloated and tired, and I certainly didn’t miss eating meat. Often with veggie dishes, I finish eating thinking ‘wow this would be great with steak’ – but this was so bursting with flavour that I really wouldn’t have added everything. I’m sure the copious amounts of aubergine helped –  but I was happy!

I’ve become so fed up with food recently, that I’ve been questioning why we have to eat everyday. It’s just taken so much energy to think what to make and I’ve just felt so uninspired. However this past week, I’ve finally been looking forward to meal times again – and it’s been a pleasure to sit down and eat together.

It may not be for everyone, but if you want to switch up your diet a little and introduce some more veggies – I’d heartily recommend you check it out by getting a copy on Amazon.

.PS. That last link is an affiliate one 🙂

PPS. Images are from Ella’s website – which you should definitely check out!

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