Last summer, I was away on a work event which meant a lot of waiting around. A conversation that filled several hours was simple: if you could only eat 5 foods for the rest of your days – what would they be?

You might think it’s straight forward to call up 5 ingredients but there’s all kinds of things to take into consideration. How many ways can they be combined to make good meals? Would it lead to scurvy? One of my friends initially listed 5 types of alcohol philosophising that his days would be numbered but at least he’d enjoy them!

I love that everyone has a different list and shows how different we all are!

Mine would have to be Parmesan, pasta, aubergine, steak and really ripe pears. I’d need to have bottles of Rioja to go with it all but that doesn’t count as a good right?!

A quick survey of some of my ‘blogging’ friends revealed that they actually have a lot in common:

Kim launched straight in with: ‘Cheese, potatoes, chorizo, and dairy milk obviously.’ And Hayley went straight for: ‘Potatoes, baked beans, chocolate, sour cream and asparagus.’ But then had to admit that that was largely because she fancied asparagus at that precise moment.., wrapped in ham but had to stop at 5!

I had to laugh when Laura said: ‘Chocolate, chicken, potatoes, cheese, and crisps.’ – I know she has an unbridled love of Wispas so wasn’t at all surprised that chocolate was first on the list!

Nadia also included potatos along with: ‘red meat, salad, bread, and cake.’ – Whilst I’d absolutely struggle to live without bread (particularly freshly sliced) I’m just not that bothered with potatos. I just find them a bit of a hassle to eat. They’re just so mushy and a bit stodgy to me!

But that’s the problem with this game – everyone’s list has me questioning my own!

Last weekend I was on the train to London so had time to text and try and catch up with my friend Jackie! She’s an amazing cook and always has a recipe to suggest so I was keen to see what was on her list.

Jackie’s initial reaction was: ‘Rice and beans, eggs, spinach, cheddar cheese, and homemade chocolate chip cookies.’ I had to take issue with this one as I was pretty sure the rice and beans needed to count as two. But then that caused a whole new conundrum as the cheese and cookies got dropped to be replaced with chocolate, and then cheese was better than rice, but bread was better than rice! So I’m not sure we ever got there because this game is actually really hard!

This then led to a whole debate on whether we could cope with listing 5 kitchen appliances we couldn’t live without. Jackie came up with a list including: ‘A stand mixer, baking sheet, two pots and a frying pan.’ But I said that didn’t work because you needed to have knives and utensils!

Although it did get me thinking about my 5 favourite things in the kitchen: I use my Nespresso machine and Nutibullet daily so those are indispensable. And I absolutely consider a table big enough for family and friends a must. But after that? I’m not overly bothered – I like my Joseph and Joseph items, and love the colour pop provided by our utensil pot. But I guess given that I don’t do much of the cooking, it’s just not so important to me!

What would your food list be? Could you survive with only 5 kitchen items or do you have a favourite list?

In meantime check out this Warm Salad Recipe… I think I need to have horseradish on my list!

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