Today I’ve got a great guest post today by the fabulous Liv Seaton. I know that I definitely share her rush to get ready in the morning and have already utilised some of her tips in my own routine. For those non-morning people, I’m hoping that you can similarly find some inspiration…

I have a confession to make – I’m a massive over-sleeper. Every morning is a struggle to get to work on time for 9am (which is literally 15 seconds from my home), while looking like a member of the human race rather than a pale, puffy zombie.

In the interest of time saving, I’ve honed a Monday – Friday makeup routine that only fixes the things I want to hide, and highlights my favourite features. Of a weekday morning, my makeup takes literally five minutes. So I thought I would share that routine with you here on Laura’s amazing blog!

Firstly though, before I even think about makeup, I refuse to leave the house without cleansing, toning and moisturising. I just use a Micellar water to cleanse in the morning as I double cleanse every night, and I always use a day moisturiser from Frank Body.

Conceal & Perfect

When I’m in a rush in the morning, I don’t have the time or inclination to prime, but I still want perfect skin, so plenty of moisturiser means I don’t have to worry about that. Then I can just jump straight into concealer and then foundation. I use Kat Von D’s Lock It concealer, which is very heavy duty and really brightening, so I do this step first to ensure my foundation blends everything together. And as un-blogger as it is, I just use my fingers to blend my foundation in when I’m in a rush! I spend more time on my skin than anything because perfect skin really needs very little else to look beautiful. Then I simply set my face all over with a translucent powder.

five minute make up routine

The Eyes Have It

If time is short for you in the morning, I strongly suggest just emphasising one feature, and I strongly suggest you make it your eyes. I quickly fill in my brows with eyeshadow (black to match my hair) as this is not only a quicker way of doing it, but powder is also way more forgiving and looks more natural. Then a speedy eyelash curl and a layer of good mascara – I’m loving L’Oréal Miss Hippie right now as it volumises and defines my lashes brilliantly.

A Slick of Colour

The final step in my five minute morning makeup is a sweep of blush and a lip balm in the same shade of pink. This really is just make sure I don’t look like a ghost, and makes me look a lot healthier than I actually do before my morning caffeine! Matching your blush to your lip colour is also a very handy way of it tying the whole makeup together and making it look really natural, but still polished.

And that’s my five minute face routine. Once you’ve got a morning makeup that works for you, you’ll find that you get quicker and quicker with it every day. For over-sleepers like me, busy mums or even just fans of more natural makeup, this daily routine is an ideal way to look like your best self without spending too much precious time on it. What are your time saving makeup tips? Let us know in the comments!

Liv Seaton

Liv is a beauty & lifestyle blogger based in the Highlands of Scotland. She likes tea, cats & eyebrows, and doesn’t like early mornings, coffee, or fruit cake. Keep up with her biweekly posts over on

Twitter & Instagram: @staticgypsyblog


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