May’s addition of Women’s Health magazine has an article by Speedo advertising their #MAKE1KWET campaign. The idea is that by following their training plan, you can coach yourself to swim 1K in the same time it would take to run 5K or cycle 10K in just three months. My problem is that I can already swim 1K in less time than it takes me to run 5K. To make it worse, my swim time (swimming breaststroke) is 25 minutes whereas I can bike 10K in 18 minutes.

I’m left with a dilemma, either I’d really bad at running, mediocre at swimming, and amazing at biking.

Or the article is rubbish.

So experiment time. I’m going to follow the Speedo training plan to see if I can smash my swimming time by switching strokes. I am much more comfortable with breaststroke but maybe staying in my comfort zone is really the problem.

I’m going to be featuring an original illustration by Alison Soye every Friday, and here’s today’s.

P.S. Check out these three step to keeping motivated.

3 thoughts on “New Fitness Goals”

  1. I’m such a weak swimmer which I think stems from being asthmatic as a child. Love the illustration such a skill to be able to draw.

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