Committing to a training schedule is difficult at the best of times. It’s made trickier still by working full-time and not to mention, having kids! Even the best-made intentions can be thrown by the simplest of events – unscheduled meetings, a bad day at school, or an unexpected playdate… the list is just endless.

Which is where the joy of having a fitness buddy comes in:

Much like having a Personal Trainer, making appointments well in advance means that I’m far less likely to break them. If it’s in the diary then it’s unlikely I’d plan anything else. Whilst the unexpected can throw things a little array (like when I couldn’t find a contact lens for my right eye!); on the whole, I’ve found that even when I’ve had to cancel – I’ve always rescheduled. The workout isn’t written off as a lost opportunity, it still happens because it’s not just me affected. So I care more.

I’ve also found that I am far more likely to just keep going with a buddy. Last Friday we were out for a 2 mile run as a warm up for a race on Sunday. In all honesty, I wanted to stop running at 2K. Or I at least wanted to slow down. My hip hurt, my foot hurt and I really shouldn’t have drunk a can of Diet Coke an hour before running. But as my buddy was still running – I kept pace! She didn’t need to say anything to me – just being by my side was the only encouragement needed.

Finally, there’s also the social element. I’ve written before about the benefits working out brings to my mental health. But in all honesty, adding my friend in has also added to that ten-fold. I used to have so much time to see my friends on the weekends and evenings. Now those hours just seem to have replaced with endless swimming, gymnastics and rugby sessions. Not to mention the kid’s parties. Gone are the hours of drinking tea with my baby-circle. And I miss those people. They were with me during some of the hardest times and the best times. Gaining some of that time back has been utterly priceless. (I just need four more of them to come back and run – hint hint!)

So, this is just to say a HUGE thank you to Checi – the most amazing, beautiful, fitness buddy around. Who has entirely kept me going for the last few months!

P.S. Kept out my tips for finding the time to work out. Do it – it’s so worthwhile!

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