Last month, I finally admitted to the world that I have a problem. This may have come as ‘old news’ to many of my friends but it felt good to share.

I’ve since been working out my jealousy issues and have been trying to adopt a ‘growth mindset’ type attitude. But the struggle remains.

Gym Goddess continues to taunt me and in order to cope I’ve had to turn my attention elsewhere.

Thankfully, Dancing Man is on the scene.

Most people to have a measure of control when they exercise. Movements are calculated and often repetitive. When I observe most people on the weight machines, their eyes are usually either on the weight or the muscle they are exercising. Some may be looking in the mirror but there’s also was a certain amount of focus. In all honesty, I’m not great at just concentrating on one thing. That’s why Dancing Man is a joy to behold.

Dancing Man is an older gentleman who does exercise in a slightly unconventional way.

One such example would be his Bosu use.

If you’re not familiar with the Bosu they basically look like someone has cut a big gym ball in half and stuck a flat base on to it. The majority of people either use them for some kind of assisted sit up. Or will balance their feet on them whilst performing core exercises.

Not Dancing Man.

DM turns the thing upside down, stands on the flat base – and does the twist. He’s totally rocking out on that thing. I’m sure other people do utilise it is this way – after all, it’s a good test of balance and must utilise core muscles well. But he really has some skills on that thing.

Then, he gets those stretchy band things. Passes them round under his feet and THEN uses them in this utterly mesmerising dance. Springing from one side to the other side. I have no idea how you would even begin to mimic this exercise but it looks like great fun.

The additional thing I love about Dancing Man is his headphones. Obviously, they are cordless so as not to interfere with any of his moves. But they are huge and bright white. I expect they are also noise cancelling so as not to be polluted by the world around him. In my head, he has to totally be in the zone of what he’s doing. Totally oblivious to convention.

As he moves from one station to another, he really does have excellent posture. His head is held high and he moves with what can only be described as grace. He actually reminds me a little bit of Fred Astaire – well dressed and with utter self control before breaking out into a dance in perfect time to the music.

Edinburgh Life with Kids - People you see at the Gym series

I like to imagine what he must be listening to in order to move like he does. It would definitely be something jazzy with a swing beat. I hope it’s something by someone classic as well as Dancing Man really does have a class about him.

DM isn’t someone to laugh at. He’s makes me smile every time I catch a glance of him at the gym but not because he looks silly. He is most certainly marching to the beat of his own drum and I think you’ve got to appreciate that.

Admittedly, I’m 100% sure how effective his workout is. But it’s certainly exuberant. Where’s the harm in that?

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