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When we first moved into our house, we had several existing ‘feature’ walls, that were not exactly to our taste. It took a while but we eventually painted over them all, including the big glitter wall in the hall. But I do think that Wallpaper can be a great call for Children’s rooms – particularly given the great range of prints out there. Do you have any wallpaper you love? Here’s a few of my favourites featuring animals…

1. Whales 2. Animal Magic 3. Foxes 4. Cockatoos 5. Dragonfly Dance

Which do you like? I’d gladly use any of them in the kid’s room. Although I’m also a big fan of wall decals, which might be a bit more adaptable and budget friendly.

Top 5 Wallpaper Options for Children's Bright Contemporary Playrooms with Scandi influence. Nursery design ideas with animals and cheerful colours.

2 thoughts on “5 Great Wallpapers for Children”

  1. Ooh I love them!! We’ve been looking at decorating the playroom and I’m so torn between a few different themes – I’ve been researching wall stickers and wallpapers for the last fortnight! Why is children’s paper so much more fun!?

    1. I’ve been asked by a few people to do a similar post on wall decals so I’ll need to get working on it! Paper is really fun but you can do some cool stuff with stickers too!

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