A year ago now, I contacted ‘The Pink House‘ asking for help re-designing my master bedroom. I originally wrote about it on my blog as the ‘unfinished room‘ as no matter what I did – I couldn’t quite get it right. It was definitely time to seek advice.

Emily Murray, from the blog The Pink House, currently lives in Edinburgh with her husband and two boys. Although she’s in the process of a really exciting move back to London – I absolutely adore what she’s done with her house here in Edinburgh. You can still find her advice and my original plea over on her blog, but here’s what I’ve finally done…

PAINT: Emily thought that keeping the Dove Tail grey paint would work for us. Although it was a perfectly fine colour, I just couldn’t fall in love with it. By the time we were ready to move Thomas out of our room – it was also marked really badly and just looked a bit tired.

My neighbours had recently painted their hallway Stiffkey Blue – which looks amazing. After no small amount of seeking inspiration of Pinterest we decided to just go for it and paint the whole lot Hague Blue.

Farrow and Ball Hague Blue – the Inspiration…

We took Emily’s advice and painted the cupboard doors and skirting all the same colour on the theory that this would help the room feel bigger. The cupboard doors look a a lot smarter and painting them was a quick and easy way to adapt them.

We used a specific wood paint on them and admittedly they don’t look quite as matte as the walls. I think we could get round this by painting the wall in the same paint. But with the varying light in the room it can look different throughout the day anyway.

The other half drew the line at painting the radiator –  which admittedly does still stand out. He also doesn’t see the need to replace it with a more retro design… but maybe one day!Anthropogie - Hideaway Creatures throw

THE BED: Emily pointed out that since our bed takes up most of the room that it’s important to get right. I decided I liked her idea of not having the faff of cushions or throws and I had always coveted this quilt from Anthropologie.

It wasn’t in stock at the time we were looking for one and I was a little worried about some reviews that I read about the colour running. With three kids on the loose, I really wanted something a bit more hardy for the price of one of these.

Thankfully, we found an alternative one that was just out for the season… and in the sale. It’s actually washed really well on the occasions that we’ve needed to – and has been a welcome extra layer through the winter months.

It’s much easier to make the bed neatly in the morning and can just be pulled up to hide everything or folded back to show the contrast of the under layer. Definitely meeting the hassle free plan!

THE LIGHTS: Switching the central light to a small, pretty chandelier was one of my first moves. (Equivalent here). It instantly added a bit of glamour to the room and I love the way that it disperses light across the ceiling in the evenings.

As for the table lamps – this was actually quite tricky. I loved these flamingo shades by Katie and the Wolf… but of course Mike was having none of it!

Happily, inspired by Emily’s advice to include colour, I came across this Riley Blake Quatrefoil fabric. I love to support smaller businesses on Etsy and these were an absolute bargain. I’m really impressed with the quality of the workmanship and they’re a great pop of colour against the Hague Blue.

lampshade yellow

CURTAINS: Once it was clear we were changing the colour of the walls it was necessary to change the curtains as well. As Emily pointed out – ‘good curtains are NOT cheap’ – but I think we’re just about getting away with using ones from Ikea. They are top pleated to hide the rail and are so heavy that we’ve not had an issue with being woken by the morning light… we have a snotty feral toddler for that!

Yellow curtains

ART: I didn’t want to lose our ‘windsurfers’ by a Art college friend of Mike’s – but did take the point that we could be more punchy. Whilst we didn’t exactly go for it, we ended up choosing something that meant a bit more to us instead.

We didn’t really have a honeymoon – given we already had two kids – but had a wonderful holiday in Devon with them instead. I was delighted to find these Vintage Style prints by Devon artist Becky Bettesworth and thought they provided enough of a colour pop to prevent the Hague Blue from being too overbearing. We’ve also included the ‘tree’ from our wedding which has all of our guests thumb prints. It’s got a cheerful array of colour and is a reminder of a happy day.

Incidentally we will totally have a honeymoon one day – just as soon as the kids can be abandoned with Grandma without causing a mutiny (from Grandma not them!).

I describe the finished result as a ‘cave’ – that’s not to say that the walls are bearing in or that it feels small. To me, it now feels much more like a retreat and a place of calm at the end of the day.

Thanks again to Emily for all her advice – her blog really is constant inspiration and I can’t wait to see her new home in London! I just need her to come round a work on my living room now 😉



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