Our house has three bathrooms – all of which annoy me. They have zero storage space and the plumbing is largely tiled in. When our downstairs bathroom sprung a leak, we actually had to cut a hole in the wall to deal with it. I’ve dealt with my angst in various ways: In our family bathroom, I went a bit mad and painted it a vibrant red. In our ensuite I opted for vibrant towels to distract from the grim. So in our final one, I thought why not use a feature wallpaper?

There’s so many great feature wallpapers out there. I’ve not used paper in other rooms in the house so it’s certainly a statement.

I spent quite a lot of time researching and deciding which one to use. I follow so many different interior design blogs and various Instagram accounts that this was a pleasurable rather than onerous task!

Which one would you choose?

1. Ark 2. Woods 3. Pineapple 4. Koi Carp

5. Savuti 6. Leopard Walk 7. Bumble Bee 8. Flamingo

And here’s what happened…

P.S. We also love these Wallpapers for Kid’s Rooms!

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