This past summer, I’ve slowly become addicted to podcasts. Rather than running to music, I’ve been pounding the streets listening to a real crime serial. In the car, I’ve been listening to ‘mortified’ on repeat. I realise I’m late to the game in comparison with a lot of people, but for those just joining I thought I’d recommend some of my favourites…

For a Great Story…


WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT My friend Megan has been telling me for years how good this series is. As a real life crime, it’s not a fictional story but certainly one that leaves you hooked. As soon as one episode finished, I wanted to listen to the next and the next. If you’re new to podcasts is definitely a great place to start. I’m now regularly googling Adnan to see if he’s free – I’m totally in camp innocent!


For a More Reflective Life…

LISTEN TO Not another Mummy Blog

WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT This series is actually just a range of interviews with a variety of Mums and Dads who are juggling life. I’ve loved listening to how different people find that balance and yet somehow find themselves more than ever in the midst of it. I really don’t get ‘vlogging’ – I just don’t feel like I have time to sit and watch long videos. But that’s not to say I don’t want to hear from other parents. I just like to hear from them whilst I do other things. In my mind podcasts are definitely the way forward!


For Blogging Insight…

LISTEN TO Wander Luce
WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT Whilst Lucy was originally a travel blogger, she now works as a full-time jobbing journalist alongside blogging. In this series, she interviews a number of bloggers with a different focus each episode. She’s done all this whilst having children too so she’s pretty much my hero! One day I’ll head to London for some face to face coaching but for now I’m soaking up all the advice in this series.

TRY THIS EPISODEHow to Successfully Blog Part-Time

For Kids Who Want to Laugh… 

LISTEN TO That Story Show

WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT My 12 year-old took some interest in me listening to podcasts but I was pretty aware that some of them aren’t really interesting for kids – or that appropriate. In the effort to find something for him, I found That Story Show. He now downloads a couple of episodes a week for his bus journey to school and seems to love it. I wasn’t so enamoured but as as he really seems in heaven.

TRY THIS EPISODERock-n-roll Granny

For Grown-ups Who Need to Laugh…

LISTEN TO Mortified

WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT This was the first ever Podcast I discovered and didn’t stop talking about it for weeks. The premise is simple – adults reading from their teenage journals. I think you have to be old enough to have your own perspective on your teenage years but some episodes have honestly made me cry with laughter. For short car trips and for when you have 15 minutes to just laugh – this is perfection.

TRY THIS EPISODE – 22 Joan: 50 Shades of Awkward

Have you got any podcasts you love? It’d be great to add to my list so please comment if you have any recommendations!

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