How many of your 2016 revolutions did you keep? I find that we always start the year with a sense of the new. You start thinking about what you want to achieve. But how many people take the time to reflect on last year’s resolutions? The year that’s been.

I like to look back before I look forward so I don’t end up making the same mistakes.

In 2016 I was admittedly late to the game, but I made five resolutions.

Of which I have met a grand total of two.

I’m entirely going on the theory that two is better than none and is more than one! I was also painfully close to meeting two of them so I don’t feel like complete failure:

Social media visibility

I went ‘self hosted’ at the very start of 2016 – which was an achievement in itself. I had to learn a lot of technical stuff quickly and find people to help when I couldn’t solve problems. However I wanted to build on this…

I was annoyed that on mobile devices or tablets my pretty social media icons weren’t visible. This continued to be a bug bear until earlier this month when I was taking place in a blogging course run by Aby over at YouBabyMeMummy. There was a lot of focus on reflection before new goal setting – and the slogan ‘just do it.’ I realised that it wasn’t too late. I still had time!

So if you are viewing this on a phone – you should see my social icons at the top of the page now. If you really wanted to make my year then please go follow me! Haha.



Use my DSLR daily

In a previous life I had managed to complete a 365 challenge using my camera daily. I learnt loads over the course of the year and felt it would be a good thing to repeat. I did not factor in how difficult it is with an abundance of children.

Although I have taken loads of photos – they were not all with my camera and I’m sure I have missed a few days.

Lesson learnt: be more realistic.

Read 52 books

Whilst on maternity leave and holiday – this resolution was a doddle. If jotters, essays and chapters of text books counted. I would totally be on target. In reality – I’ve managed 44.

Some of those were books I had read previously but given I didn’t put a caveat on that the books had to be new – I’m counting them.

Admittedly I think this would have been achievable had I really focused. If I make the time, I can read a book in an afternoon – I read fast. I just didn’t dedicate the time. I’ve actually read 7 books this month in an effort to catch up but sitting here on the 29th – I just don’t think I’m going to read 8 in the next two days!

In my mind, this really means I didn’t care enough. I’ve only achieved the things that really meant something but I will definitely keep recording my reading over the next year.

Have 1000 followers on Instagram

I’ve continued to enjoy Instagram but I haven’t particularly been aggressive about growing my followers. I’m actually not sure what lots of followers really means. It’s nice to have people ‘liking’ and commenting as it shows you’re reaching someone but not all of my followers do that. I’m not sure I’d really feel differently if I had 200 more viewers.


I’m aware that people do this ‘follow/unfollow’ thing where you add people in the hope that they will follow you. You then are meant to ‘un add’ them and move on to new people. For me, this defies the point of Instagram. I want to fill my life with pictures that make me smile or inspire me. I don’t mind following people who don’t have a perfect stream but I want to engage with them. I’d definitely like to increase the number of followers I have – but for me – it’s more important to be genuine. But if you did want to follow me – that would be nice – just don’t then un-add me tomorrow!

Get back to pre-pregnancy weight

I originally had the aim of ‘nine months on, nine months off’: however, once this milestone rolled round it became evident that I was still some way off.

Given that I didn’t own any bigger ‘work’ clothes, going back to work then became my aim. Except this was easily solved by a shopping trip in the sales.

Eventually, I found the motivation I really needed and changed my mindset. Thankfully, reaching my goal at the beginning of December. Several months later than planned. But the goal was met nonetheless.

Resolutions for 2017?

It’s become apparent that I really need to focus on things that I care about. However by writing down my 2016 resolutions means that I have been able to review them.

Aby from YouBabyMeMummy – suggested that goals should be broken down more. So instead of just having ‘ultimate goals’ – you also think about the goals you need to meet in order to get there. I’ve found this exercise really useful and have a nice manageable to do list for the first 90 days of the year. But for the sake of sharing, my ‘big’ overall goals are:

  1. Increase the number of people reading my blog.
  2. Improve visual images.
  3. Develop my ‘voice’.
  4. Make more links with my local area and businesses!

I know it’s important to keep developing my social media following but I’m also thinking about developing a newsletter. Currently, if you sign up on my website you an email every time I put a new post up. This is kind of impersonal so this is something on my ‘thinking’ list. But if you’re reading this – then please do check in on Mondays and Thursdays for new posts! You’ll be my BFF.

I really do love using my DSLR camera but I am also lazy. I’m always amazed however by the number of friends I have who display pictures in their homes that I’ve taken of their children. I want to rediscover this passion and really commit to using my camera this year. I know that if I really focus on this – I can do it.

At the start of the year, I think I had a real energy for my blog – but I burnt out. I was trying to do too much. However, I really do like writing so I need to keep at it! Tied in with this is ensuring people actually read what I write! Feedback is so important and as much as I could write – if people aren’t reading? I think I would struggle. Hence resolution 1.

Finally, the highlights of my blogging year have to be working with Bon Tot and Anna Moffat. I’m passionate about my local area and love to promote Scottish business. Or actually, any business that is homegrown! I’d love to work with more people in the year to come – with the hope that this year I have more success in meeting my resolutions than the last!

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