Style: Boy Leggings

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If asked to describe a typical baby boy’s wardrobe I’m not sure leggings would feature that highly. Although adult males obviously wear similar styles in the form of tight fitting jeans or more obviously, running tights, when it comes to children’s wear they seem to firmly in the ‘girl’ camp. […]

Would you Dress Your Baby in Monochrome?

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I’m still a fairly new convert to Instagram but a quick look at my stream would tell you that I’m more than a little obsessed with the monochrome style. Aside from the fact that monochrome is gender-neutral, I really like the minimalist approach to clothing. It seems clean and simple. […]

Bunny Hop

Style: Bunny hop

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I was a little in awe meeting the fabulous Julia Murray this week and have really been looking forward to introducing her to you, along with her fabulous new venture – Bunny Hop! Bunny Hop is an online boutique that stocks fun, functional clothing and accessories for kids, from 0-6. […]