We’ve recently been watching Scotland’s progress in the UEFA Women’s EURO 2017 tournament. As with all sporting events, the Scottish team has not exactly provided us with delight. Losing 6-0 in their opening game wasn’t great and it was gutting to watch them go out last night – but we’ve still enjoyed cheering them on as a family! Usually when the football is on, Katie will don her football kit and cheer for whatever colour she likes best. But it’s been brilliant watching her get excited about Women’s football. As positive role models go –  these women are it! When… View Post

Do you ever worry what you look like at the gym? As most gyms have walls of mirrors you can’t help but see what you look like whilst working out. In my mind, this naturally leads to worry about looking like an idiot. I used to deal with this by wearing baggier clothes to the gym – such as an oversized t-shirt that would hide as much as possible. But overtime, as I gained confidence I now generally opt for some kind of vest with capris. It’s much cooler and I feel a bit more co-ordinated. Since I’m at the… View Post

Last Autumn, I decided that enough was enough and that I was going to lose the last of my ‘baby weight.’ I knew that whilst this was achievable alone, I would have a lot more success if I had an expert to help me. Upon meeting Jasmine Chu, co-founder of Train and Sustain, I knew I would have no choice but to succeed. It was immediately evident that aside from being passionate about diet and fitness, she was incredibly knowledgable about health too. She never was unrealistic in what I could achieve but was also not afraid to push me… View Post

May’s addition of Women’s Health magazine has an article by Speedo advertising their #MAKE1KWET campaign. The idea is that by following their training plan, you can coach yourself to swim 1K in the same time it would take to run 5K or cycle 10K in just three months. My problem is that I can already swim 1K in less time than it takes me to run 5K. To make it worse, my swim time (swimming breaststroke) is 25 minutes whereas I can bike 10K in 18 minutes. I’m left with a dilemma, either I’d really bad at running, mediocre at swimming,… View Post

Last month, I finally admitted to the world that I have a problem. This may have come as ‘old news’ to many of my friends but it felt good to share. I’ve since been working out my jealousy issues and have been trying to adopt a ‘growth mindset’ type attitude. But the struggle remains. Gym Goddess continues to taunt me and in order to cope I’ve had to turn my attention elsewhere. Thankfully, Dancing Man is on the scene.