In the UK, Father’s Day is rapidly approaching so once again, I’m faced with the question – what do you get the person who has everything they want? If you’re stuck for ideas then I really think I’ve found a solution and the Perfect Gift for Father’s Day. Obviously, there’s things that I would love to get for my husband  – a new car, a holiday abroad, world peace – but for most of us those things just are obtainable! Which leaves us with the question – what is the perfect gift for Father’s Day? My usual trick with my husband Mike is to look… View Post

Anyone who knows me well will be aware that I’m a little fussy about what we have in our house. I’m not a massive fan of things that are plastic or garish, and I positively loathe anything emblazoned with cartoon characters. Having kids, with a relentless love of thing like Paw Patrol can therefore be pretty tricky. You can therefore appreciate my joy at receiving a beautiful set of High Chair Cushions from Messy Me to review – not only are they practical but they look good too! The High Chair Cushions Upon receiving the cushions, I immediately went about attaching… View Post

If I was in a position where money is absolutely no object, my dream job would be to work as a Farrow and Ball colour consultant. In fact, if money were no object, I’d go chat paint charts with people for free. I don’t know why – I just love thinking about colours and how they work together. In my own home we have finally annihilated the magnolia that dominated the walls for years. Whilst I’d still like to change furniture here or there, and would dearly like to replace the carpets. Each room definitely has colour. From the Plummett Grey in the Hallway,… View Post

As with everyone with an interest in design, I’m always looking for ways to bring new ideas into my home. It follows that I was therefore delighted to find that BoConcept had opened a store in Edinburgh, featuring their beautiful designer furniture. I headed along to the store on Rose Street to check out what they had in way of inspiration. We’ve recently repainted our living room and redesigned our playroom; and I’ve been working on finding things to finish off these rooms. I was keen to spy some accessories and gain some insight as to what I could do to… View Post

It’s officially now Spring, and whether the weather entirely agrees with that statement or not, Easter is undoubtedly fast approaching. I have many plans this holiday to spend time in my favourite brunch venue, and we’re definitely going to be making the most of our National Trust for Scotland membership. I have been giving some thought as to how to mark Easter with kids. Katie is very excited about the concept of the Easter Bunny visiting but I’m keen for in not to become another Christmas! Obviously, we’re going to be attending one of the Cadbury Egg Hunts the National Trust for… View Post