I am feeling incredibly blessed to be having time away from work, not only to look after Thomas but to be able to see Katie grow too. I’m very conscious that both of the kids will have to be in full-time childcare and that I will miss so much. I’m just trying to soak up every minute that I can and not be too sad at what I will be missing in the future. Katie is a little chatterbox and I love the snippets that she comes out with. I often have no idea where her imagination has picked them up… View Post

I have a confession. I have never eaten turkey for Christmas dinner… and I hope I never have to. As my Dad couldn’t eat white meat, we never had a traditional Christmas dinner growing up. After trying turkey as an adult – I can’t really understand why people would! Our Christmas meal evolved over a number of years and I now mimic a version of it with my own family (who certainly aren’t complaining!).

Being married to an Artist undoubtedly has it’s perks: firstly, we have amazing original art throughout the house, so much so that a lot of it is also throughout our friends houses as well – which is pretty cool. Secondly, our kids have used far more materials and techniques than I would guess most kids would have the opportunity to try, and of course, he’s pretty chilled out about them creating an almighty mess in the name of Art. I did have to draw the line at him encouraging Katie to draw on the walls though! At Christmas, the best… View Post

A three year-olds Christmas calendar is surprising varied – with a number of outfits needing to be planned. I’m kind of in two minds of whether to go more mainstream or to opt for something a bit more alternative. I really enjoy planning special outfits for her – there’s no need to be restrained when it comes to a three year-olds style – so it’s easy to pick fun things! Up first is Katie’s Christmas show: the kids at her nursery have been rehearsing a couple of songs for the past month or so and the plan is to perform to them… View Post

I’m storming ahead with Christmas organisation in the hope that everything will be done by the time that Mike is on holiday. That way we can just chill out and enjoy time with the kids together rather than having to get things organised or worse still – brave the shops! I have a few things left-over from my table setting last time I hosted Christmas in 2012. Keen not to waste those things (I still like them) – they form the basis for this year.