As Autumn sets in my thoughts are once again turning to the contents of my wardrobe. Living in the UK, the weather really does just seem to turn so quickly. It only seems like yesterday I was walking around in shorts and now I’ve been putting my winter coat on again in the evenings! As the crisp nights arrive, my thoughts also turn to ways to make life a bit more comforting and cozy! I have to be honest and admit that as I type, I also have a glass of red wine on the go and my harem pants have… View Post

Edinburgh is undoubtedly King when it comes to good restaurants. There’s so many amazing places opening that it’s hard not to feel envious when I see pictures of cocktails popping up on Instagram. But why should having kids mean I should miss out on any of that? Kids equally can enjoy good food and my two are certainly capable of providing decent chat – so here’s five places to try this Autumn WITH the kids…

Numbers seem to dominate the ‘fitness’ world at times. What’s your PB? How much can you lift? How much do you weigh? What’s the optimum macro division? But I have to question – does it really matter? On the one hand… Paying attention to numbers can be a great way to help you train. I’m in the process of preparing for a 10K and would really like to improve my time. By varying training sessions – paying attention to distance and speed – I am seeing improvements. Sometimes I’ve been running a long distance slower, sometimes I’ve been adding in… View Post

This past summer, I’ve slowly become addicted to podcasts. Rather than running to music, I’ve been pounding the streets listening to a real crime serial. In the car, I’ve been listening to ‘mortified’ on repeat. I realise I’m late to the game in comparison with a lot of people, but for those just joining I thought I’d recommend some of my favourites… For a Great Story… LISTEN TO Serial WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT My friend Megan has been telling me for years how good this series is. As a real life crime, it’s not a fictional story but certainly one that leaves… View Post

Earlier this month I was tagged in a “Book Buying Habits” tag over at My Eclectic Reads. Since I haven’t written about books or reading for ages, I thought I would give this one a go. I’m still attempting to read 52 books this year but am still really quite behind – so maybe it’s time to buy some: Where do you buy your books? I generally shop on Amazon because I don’t have a lot of spare time to go the shops. I have a Kindle and prefer to buy ‘throw away’ fiction on there rather than have to get rid… View Post