I can’t actually believe that April contained the Easter holidays as it already seems so long ago.

We had a brilliant time over the break – in the first week I took the kids rock climbing, swimming, and hung out at the park loads. Then we embarked on an epic road trip to Sussex to enjoy a few days mooching around Brighton.

I was then meant to fly home with the kids. Mike set off back to Edinburgh with the car and all was going to plan. Until I realised that he had left with my wallet and passport. So I didn’t have any form of ID. British Airways were absolutely unhelpful pointing out that I may be asked for one. Couldn’t tell me why I might need one or suggest any other options. Or actually, provide a phone number that worked.

I had two options, I could try and blag it at the airport with two kids in tow. Or I could get on the train. For £150.

I thought Katie would just be too upset if were refused entry at the airport, so train it was. Things actually weren’t too bad until we got on the train at King’s Cross to find we couldn’t actually get seats together. The first conductor just said we’d need to sit on the floor, so we spent a few hours speaking to a very nice guy until he got off at Darlington. Katie stuck stickers all round the walls and Thomas did his best to get croissant crumbs everywhere.

Eventually, a different conductor came and suggested that Katie could sit in one seat. Next to some random man. Whilst Thomas and I could take another seat six rows away. I don’t know what my face looked like at that suggestion, but it was enough for him to just ask someone to switch seats. The last two hours were much better as a result and Katie’s iPad could get some much needed charge. Thomas finally fell asleep and I could have some coffee.

All in all, it could’ve been much worse and I am beyond grateful that my Mum bought my ticket! I very much realise that even at the grand old age of thirty-something, she still spoils me rotten.

Once again I’ve decided to use the #littleloves subheadings to think about the month past:


I am ashamed to say I haven’t actually picked up a novel this month. But I’m not sure where I would’ve found the time. Instead I’ve been perusing Women’s Health magazine in an attempt to find some motivation (this had mixed results). Alongside ‘Real Homes’ magazine as suggested by my beautiful neighbour (who has fabulous taste).

On the design front we’ve been busy re-decorating our living room after it had suffered a bit too much from the kid’s activities. As a result, much of my reading has actually been exploring Instagram feeds, trawling through inspiration design blogs – and reading ‘Styled’ by Emily Henderson.

Styled Emily Henderson

At the heart of Styled are Emily Henderson’s ten easy steps to styling any space. From editing out what you don’t love to re-purposing what you can’t live without to arranging the most eye-catching vignettes on any surface, you’ll learn how to make your own style magic.

I’m not that far into reading the book, but I liked that it starts with a very comprehensive quiz to ‘name your style.’ I thought the questions were a bit random at first but sure enough – I came out as somewhere between Scandinavian and Minimalist.

It moves on to present a ‘style wheel’ in which you can find a complementary style that would look good with yours. So my ‘opposite’ is Bohemian. Oddly enough, I’ve always aspired for our home to be ‘Scandi Boho’ – so this was a reaffirming activity!


I’ve not really had time to watch TV but Mike found this weird cartoon that the kids just love. It has no dialogue and is just really gentle. It’s about these two little guys – Pat and Mat – who each episode have a problem to solve. They’ve generally caused the problem themselves. I think every episode is DIY related – it reminds me a little of the Chuckle Brothers but without annoying catchphrases.

It certainly has Katie giggling and I find it very cute that the kids now use Pat and Mats secret hang signals.


Again, Mike has been the ‘maker’ this month and has produced some amazing artwork for a Pop Up event this weekend! Add Another Layer are hosting this amazing Clearance Sale of Boutique fashion – so Mike’s produced some new artwork to go on sale along side all the beautiful clothes! It’s really exciting to see him creating fresh ideas and I’m finding it hard not to just hang everything in our own house. If you’re free please pop down and take a look – it’d be great to see you!

Pop Up Boutique Fashion Edinburgh

We sent an email out to my mailing list so hopefully you saw that if you’ve signed up. If you haven’t why not?! There’s a box in my sidebar or you can sign up here.


This month is all about Dungarees. Although I have a pair that I wear quite often, a woman posted a picture of herself wearing this pair from Fatface on one of my Facebook groups. My existing pair are skinny and although they are comfortable… these look amazing to me.

Sadly, I’m on a spending moratorium so I really have to keep resisting… Or I need to find £55 in small change laying around my house!


My full review of his CD will be here next weekend – complete with an amazing giving away. But ALL we’ve been listening to is Nick Cope. Even when his CD’s aren’t one, even Thomas has been singing his songs. Grandma has been found wondering the supermarket singing them. The time after school has rapidly changed and Cbeebies is no more!

and lastly

It’s been a busy month – so make sure you haven’t missed all the posts from this week. If you’d like to see a post on anything different – let me know and I’ll try and see what I can do!

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

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