Each year the Scottish Snowdrop Festival draws together some of the countries top gardens and woodlands, highlights the fact that spring is on its way.

We’re lucky to have the Royal Botanic Garden on our doorstep: home to a variety of Snowdrops – and as we discovered, other spring flowers.

Although the Scottish Snowdrop Festival officially runs from 1 February – 15 March, the Botanics is always worth a visit with kids. I had highlighted the Snowdrop Festival in my newsletter as a must-attend events, so following my own advice we decided to visit.

The Botanics is broken into so many areas that no two visits need to be alike. Katie can navigate her own way round the Gardens now and becomes incredibly bossy as she demands that we ‘follow her to see this cool thing!’

The fairy doors continue to be one of her favourite, but as it leads on to the teaching gardens, it’s a great path to follow. The poly tunnels always house interesting plants and there are often days when you can chat to the gardeners at work. Or just run about…

Royal Botanical Gardens with kids

The Queen Mother Garden provides a maze to run round, a beautiful house decorated with shells and more importantly, trees to hide in. I’m not sure the kids are meant to climb the trees but given that Katie wasn’t exactly hacking at them and can’t get higher than the lowest branch – I don’t think she’s guilty of doing any damage!

The Snowdrops themselves were undoubtably the highlight of our visit given that they were the purpose of the visit! The white really stands out against the winter greenery and signals that change is on it’s way.

Scottish Snowdrop Festival

Along with the colour of the various crocuses, I really do feel that the arrival of these flowers brings hope.

  • Hope that the warmer weather will be here soon.
  • Hope that the longer days will bring more time with the kids – and less time at work.
  • Hope that life will continue to improve and negative things can just fade away with the winter.

The past couple of months have been so hard for numerous reasons. Friends and colleagues have been struggling. Many of us have been mourning. We have good reasons to look forward to Spring.

Scottish Snowdrop Festival with kids

Hunting for Spring with the kids felt like the right activity for today. It was so good to get out and appreciate some fresh air. Searching for flowers felt like a happy, positive thing to do.

I am resolute that we must make time to do these things as a family. Time passes so quickly and it’s sometimes hard to just stop and appreciate what we’ve got.

I am very lucky to have a beautiful family around me and I feel very grateful for the time I had with them today.

Are you looking forward to Spring? I have some ideas for Spring craft activities but if you’d like to more ideas about what you can do in Edinburgh with kids – you can sign up to my newsletter!

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