As you know we regularly feature illustrations by the wonderful Alison Soye and if you’ve been reading for a while, you’ll have seen a few guest posts from my friend Coo Clayton. I was so overjoyed that their children’s books, Maggie’s Mittens has finally hit the shelves and that you can now share in the joy too!

The story follows young Maggie round Scotland who is determined to lose her scratchy mittens! So many of the places are recognisable to us, but even for the places we haven’t been Alison’s illustrations bring the places to life. Alison has taken a bit of artistic licence with her shop selection for Edinburgh – including some of her favourites as a backdrop – but I have to agree with her choices, given that both The Pantry and I.J. Mellis feature!

With Autumn days firmly here, we decided to gather up some leaves and create our own squirrel craft inspired by the little squirrel found in Maggie’s Mittens. On each page, Alison has hidden the squirrel somewhere within the scene. Thomas particularly absolutely adores trying to find him and will ask for this game on repeat.

Given that Autumn days can mean a lot of rainy days Alison has also put together a range of Maggie’s Mittens activity sheets to keep kids entertained. Info on how to get these delivered straight to you can be found below too!

Squirrel Craft

What you need:

Outline of squirrel



Glue Stick

Colouring pencils




Gather some Autumnal leaves and dry in the oven – 50°C for 5 minutes is plenty.

Colour in your squirrel using a reds, browns and black pencils.

Glue leaves on the tail.

Cut our using scissors.  (Good opportunity for motor skills practice!)

Drink tea and feel smug you’ve done craft.

P.S. You can get a copy of Coo and Alison’s book from Waterstones or from Amazon.

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