I’m a reluctant crafter at the best of times. I can cope with colouring in and enjoy doodling, but my heart sinks when Katie wants to paint. So when I do ‘craft’ I either a) rely on kits like this one from Milage and Pheebs, or b) attempt Pinteresque magic and hope for the best.

Katie has recently been learning more about insects at nursery and has become very keen on bug hunting. Her lovely Grandma equipped her with a guide book and bug hunting kit. And she was even lucky enough to head to Holyrood Palace to meet entomologist (and TV Presenter), George McGavin to learn even more about insects. So it made sense to choose something along those lines.

I should add that Katie observed, these pebbles do to have antenna and therefore do not count as true ladybirds. But I think they’re kind of cool anyway…



Pebbles (in approximate ladybird shape)

Acrylic paints – red, black and white.

Clear Spray varnish



The Result

Ladybird Pebbles for the Garden

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