Last weekend, I headed to the Botanics for a quick walk between the rain showers. We also wanted to be able to tick off one of the National Trust’s ‘50 things’ challenge – catch a falling leaf.

Despite the occasional rain, Saturday really was a perfect Autumn day. Except for the passing clouds the sky was a bright blue. The air was crisp and although some people opted to really wrap up, it was warm enough to cope without too.


As it turns out, catching a leaf is pretty tricky. We established that although throwing a huge pile of leaves in the air is fun… it probably also doesn’t count in terms of catching a falling one.

We eventually found a tree with a decent amount fluttering down in the occasional gusts and set about trying different tactics. Despite appearances, they really do fall fast. Diving to catch one rarely results in even getting close. They are also pretty small to get your hands round anyway.

Catch a falling leaf

So eventually, we settled on running into falling leaves so that our bodies could also be used to trap them! Thankfully this proved quite successful and we could just wander enjoying the beauty of the botanics.

Do you have any favourite Autumn activities? I’d love to hear them if you do.

P.S. Every Friday, I like to feature an illustration by the wonderful Alison Soye. This week is obviously no exception AND you can pre-order her new book – Maggie’s Mittens – now!


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