The Yoga Series: Body Positivity

Who doesn’t remember those awkward teenage years where you had to get changed for gym, sports or swimming alongside your peers. Trying to hide what you did or didn’t have and the awkwardness of trying to get dressed under a towel before it slipped down. Are you happy with your […]

The Yoga Series: Exploring Opposites

Yoga is a spiritual discipline, a union of the body with the mind and the quietening of the mind. I like Tara Fraser’s definition ‘Yoga treats the whole of you as one interconnected mechanism and therefore prescribes exercises for your eyes, your mental focus, your breathing systems and your emotional […]

Yoga with Kids in Edinburgh

Parents often say to me that they really want their child to do yoga. My classes in Edinburgh concentrate on children with anxiety and insomnia aged 9-11. Other classes I know about are run by Tatty Bumpkins, at the Sacred Heart Centre and the Shanti Collective. However sometimes fitting in […]

The Yoga Series: On Honesty

This month I am continuing with the moral and ethical guidelines (Yamas and Niyamas) yogis follow from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. We looked at Ahimsa in December, which means to treat yourself and all living things with compassion and kindness. Last month I explored Svadhyaya which is self-study, so looking inwards. This month I wanted to bring […]

The Seuss Spirit Comes to Fort Kinnaird

Watching a Christmas Movie has to rate as one of the top activities of the holiday season. It’s an excuse to get teary, feel good, and something that all the family can enjoy.  The Grinch, is a festive animation based on the Dr Seuss book ‘How the Grinch stole Christmas.’ It’s not always easy […]