Last week I wrote about how underwhelmed I felt to achieve my resolutions for 2017. So for the year ahead I set out simple ideas about what I could do to make my everyday life ‘different’. Perhaps happier, perhaps healthier, perhaps just things that would make the world around me better too. Then I came across this Lousia May Alcott quote: “Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead.” And thought, it was time to set out a few more aspirations.

Also –  Lucy of Real Mum Reviews tagged me in her post – so I thought I’d share my 18 Goals for 2018:

  1. Save a penny more a day – I saw this challenge by chance as I was reading a bunch of other blogs but the idea is really simple. On day 1 you put a penny in a jar, on day 2 that increases to two pennies, and so on and so forth. Admittedly this gets tricky by the end of November when you’re saving a couple of pounds a day – but some people just have a chart that they tick off so if they put in £3.50 on January 5th, they can put in 5p one day later on in the year. Some other people suggested saving in reverse as well – making the bigger sacrifice now and finding it easier as the year goes on. What ever way people choose they save £667.95 by the years end. My plan is to stop at the start of December and have a nice amount for Christmas!
  1. Establish and maintain a skincare routine – I’m looking forward to sharing some self-care tips later on this month but I’ve really been enjoying taking the time to wash my face twice a day. I know lots of people do this, but I’ve never been in the habit. It’s something I’d like to maintain – ageing is scary!
  1. Find consistency at the gym – last week the barista at the coffee shop in my gym asked why he saw me all the time and then not at all for a while and then all the time again. It was really a moment of embarrassment that I realised that I haven’t lost my ‘all or nothing’ approach. Back in May, Jasmine shared some great tips on maintaining weight loss – but I really need to listen to them myself!
  1. Drink at least 2 litres of water a day – this is a no brainer really. I’ve stopped drinking coffee (I was on about 10 cups a day) and have been drinking loads of water. So again, this is just a habit I want to establish. I also love this Joseph Joseph Tracking Bottle for keeping an eye on my intake.
  2. Beat my PB at Parkrun – I adore Parkrun but haven’t been consistent enough in attending it in a while. I’d love to beat my personal best this year as I was so close last year.
  3. Volunteer monthly at Junior Parkrun – my kids have been taking part in Junior Parkrun since it started at Inverleith Park. Last year I volunteered to be the tail runner to make sure no one was left behind; it’s a great role to have as it’s such a chance to be encouraging. So it’s on my list to do at least monthly in future.
  1. Take part in another 10K with my favourite running buddy – I’ve actually signed up to TWO running events with my friend Francesca this year. A 13.1K event running from Ocean Terminal to Murrayfield Stadium and a 10K round the grounds of Hopetoun House for Cancer Research. Whilst I’m sure I’ll enjoy both events, I’m really looking forward to training more with Francesca again!
  1. Spend more time with the people you care about – I’ve got lots of ideas about how to action this one. Starting with booking a whole host of brunch/lunch/dinner dates with people. Looking back through posts I remembered doing this awesome Easter egg Hunt and afternoon tea that my friend Megan and I organised for our little girls. That’s definitely the type of memory I’d like to recreate this year!
  1. Reduce our waste – I’m a bit of a fanatic when it comes to avoiding wasting plastic. I know I could be better though and my simple resolve for this year is to always remember Reusable Bags for the Grocery Store!
  2. Practice patience – I saw a quote recently about not comparing your beginning to someone else’s middle or end. It stuck in my head as it’s similar to something I’ve felt for a long time. Often, I compare my blog to other people failing to take into account that I am not a full time blogger. I have a full-time job and a family to care for as well. I know not all bloggers are full-time, but my point is simple: I don’t know what situation they really are in but I know it’s not mine. Because only mine can be mine. So why compare?
  3. Keep blogging – 2017 was the first year I managed to keep blogging for the full year having previously experienced burn out. It’s something I really enjoy and subsequently want to keep doing. That said, I also feel I need to be more visible. I’m very aware that I have LOADS of content – I’ve published 290 posts – but many of those are unread. Some of them aren’t great but others Facebook just didn’t show to people! I need to work on actually sharing things I’ve proud of rather than just moving on!
  1. Travel more in my own city – on Wednesday I shared a post with 5 things you could do in Edinburgh this January. All were really in the spirit of trying new things and making the most of the city we live in. Happily I had a great meal out with Caroline this week at a cafe I’d never been to before. I loved the food so would really recommend Spoon!
  1. Shop intentionally – I also shared my capsule wardrobe this week. The ideas is that now it’s established, I won’t shop for clothes again for the next three months. When I do, it’ll be because I’m planning my Spring capsule. Then it’ll only be if I actually need anything new. I’ve packed away clothes that would be suitable for warmer weather but bringing them out will be like getting something new anyway. The idea ties in with creating less waste and being less consumeristic.
  1. Encourage kindness – sometimes I see my kids acting so selfishly. It’s not something they do because they’re unpleasant; but rather because kids need to develop empathy just as any other skill. But I do think it’s something that can be learned and therefore it’s important to mirror that myself. I’m not really into the thought out random act of kindness thing – I’m more a fan of just looking for ways to be conscious of those around you.
  1. Learn more new skills – I attended a couple of evenings last month that introduced me to new things. Firstly calligraphy and then champagne! So they really couldn’t have been more different but both were immensely enjoyable. It struck me that I’m always on the look out for the kids to try new things but don’t really do that myself!  I’m definitely want to do more new things ‘for me’ this year.
  1. Be healthy – I’ve had a few health issues recently that really culminated in me being utterly wiped out and susceptible to virus after virus. I really didn’t enjoy not being able to go to the gym. And more importantly not being able to relish the time I spend with my family. Consequently, I’ve signed up to the Fresh Life January Challenge to attempt to really get my eating under control. But also have reading up a lot more on different for and approaches to nutrition.
  1. Be present with my family – acknowledging that health is a lot more than just food and the gym, I also want to prioritise time with my husband and kids. I have a date night planned with Mike this week and have been shutting down social media earlier in the evening to just watch some of our favourite programs together. Sometimes even the simple things are the happy ones.
  1. Live abundantly – I recently read a really inspirational book on this theme – and promise to share more on that later this month….!

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