When I think of Edinburgh homes ‘modern’ is not what comes to mind. I actually picture¬†of New Town’s Georgian townhouses, or the labyrinth¬†of Old Town. But in fact, there are an ever increasing number of new builds in Edinburgh – my home included. Previously, I renovated a typical Edinburgh tenement flat – think few rooms and impossibly high ceilings! I could go for big statement light fittings and gather an eclectic mix of furniture and it just somehow worked. I stripped the original doors back with great abandon and had a great time perusing Edinburgh’s various salvage yards and antique… View Post

As a busy Mum I very much like the idea of having a functional wardrobe. It needs to be comfortable to wear, withstand a fair degree of baby/toddler goo and be practical enough for me to have a shot on Ben’s skateboard! It’s no surprise to me that the ‘Mum uniform’ is often considered to be a Breton top, skinny jeans and a pair of Converse, perhaps with a scarf thrown in to mix things up. In Edinburgh over the summer I would say that Converse are replaced with Toms, but the pattern generally remains. I have several variations of… View Post

The Contented Calf cookbook came to me recommended by my friend Megan. I was really lucky after Katie was born to meet a fantastic group of Mums who were also all breastfeeding. Even so, I still worried a lot. Katie was a very ‘pukey’ baby suffering badly from reflux. I was constantly fretting that she wasn’t getting enough milk and that my supply wasn’t good enough. So this time round I knew that I wanted to try and feed Thomas but was concerned that I would find myself in the same situation. Fortunately I had a really good midwife who… View Post

It makes sense for my first post to be something of my ordinary life. With three children to entertain over a weekend an obvious choice for a quick afternoon activity was Blackness castle, a Historic Scotland property. A particular favourite of ours given it was originally built by the Crichtons (our surname!). It’s only about 20 minutes or so from our house which is obviously good in terms of travelling time as no one likes long car journeys – especially not with a crying baby Thomas! But as the road follows the coastline there’s also lots to look at on… View Post