Guest post from Amber Pattullo

Motherhood! That time of our life when we lie for hours on end watching a peacefully sleeping baby in our immaculate, clean home right? Wrong, motherhood is an experience like no other. The sheer amount of love that you feel for the tiny human you have created is immense and your life will truly never be the same again, but motherhood doesn’t come without its challenges. In a recent study by Channel Mum an astounding 92% of mums say they are lonely.

I suppose when you think about it, it really isn’t that unsurprising. Becoming a mum means we have a complete lifestyle overhaul; our friends and family are at work; we no longer see work colleagues regularly; sleep deprivation; the monotony of housework and nappy changes; decreased disposable income; the crying; the self doubt about our ability to keep said tiny human alive, combined with feeling too shy to approach other mums. Of course we feel lonely.

I have been a mother for 10 years, many of which I spent as a single mum and many of which have been filled with loneliness. It’s not that I didn’t want to spend every waking hour with my children, it’s that I craved adult conversation. A conversation that was with someone who A. Could form a sentence and B. Said sentence contained nothing about goo goo, ga ga, or more recently, Minecraft or Fortnite. I craved laughter and innuendos. And Cocktails.

Recently, when I had my second child I promised to immerse myself in all things baby. I attended as many baby classes and visited as many baby-friendly locations as I could and it has helped to reduce the feelings of loneliness. It also means I feel more supported when my partner is working away and I’m solo parenting. But I still felt that something was missing and that was it was still all about my baby. I wanted something all about ME. Just me, the independent, educated woman I am. Not as Taylor’s mum, not as Charlotte’s mum, but as Amber. Full Stop. A place where I could talk to adults about adult topics. This is why I have created Lottie’s MumUnity Meet Ups. These free mum meets will all be based in beautiful adult orientated, but child friendly, locations in Edinburgh. I want to provide a space where any mum like you can come along, with or without your children, make friends and spend a little bit of time being YOU. Whether you are a new mum or are a few years down the line, want to come along regularly or just swing by when you’re free, you will always be welcome.

I will also be running a young mum meet up (up to 25 years). I know from experience that being a young mum comes with its own challenges and that is why we will be holding meetups specifically for this age group. This will be an inclusive drop in for mums to come along and meet mums of a similar age and life stage and make friends.

Current Meet Ups: 

MumUnity: Every Wednesday: 11am to 1pm Black Ivy, Bruntsfield

Young Mum Meetups: Last Friday of every Month: 10am to 12pm, North Edinburgh Arts Centre.

Today’s post was written by Amber Pattullo of Lottie’s Baby Boutique. If you would like to find out more information about any of their meet ups please find them on Instagram and Facebook.


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