About four months ago we had a leak in our family bathroom. Thankfully the damage was very limited the last result has been a bathroom that is definitely more shabby than chic. All we really need to do is replace the tiles and repaint. So what’s the problem? The simple answer is that I am. I just can’t really decide what I want.

This was the bathroom we had: the lack of natural light was never going to be a winner but it was working for us.

The big problem was that tiled in shelf – utter nightmare. As soon as we realised a leak has sprung there was nothing we could do but hammer into that thing. And of course, that meant cracked tiles galore. But what’s the way forward?

Go dark or move to into the light?

Our master bedroom, hallway, and living room are all decidedly on the dark side. We have low ceilings and with the long cold, Edinburgh months – I’m pretty happy dwelling in a cave. But that doesn’t mean I don’t lust after the bright white rooms that still seem to dominate my Instagram and Pinterest feeds. Even though people seem to be living in jungles, they still need to have this uncluttered existence that exudes light!

So do I paint my bathroom white? Given it’s the size of a postage stamp and maybe if everything was white it would seem bigger?

I’d definitely like to go for white tiles rather than cream this time round. But my alternative would be to route myself as more Bohemian than Scandinavian and go for a feature wall. In our downstairs loo I opted for a bright Bumblebee Wallpaper and it seems to make people smile! Given I don’t have space for plants, I was wondering about just trying to encapsulate that look with a palm leaf wall paper…

Do you like any of these options? I’m thinking that if I put it on one wall it’d then be reflected in the mirror. But would that be too busy?

Embracing sustainable living

The other big thing I’ve already changed in our bathroom is our plastic consumption. I’ve not managed to convince myself that a bamboo toothbrush can replace our electric ones, but the bottles of shampoo and shower gels are long gone. In their place we’ve got shampoo bars and natural goats milk soaps to cater for Thomas’ super sensitive skin.

Whilst I’m happy with these alternatives, I am once again crying out for more storage. We’ve got various metal tins laying around and an increasingly grim layer of soap scum in the shower. Fitting a sink with drawers really needs to be on the agenda alongside sourcing more eco-alternatives.

At Christmas, I picked up this little boat for Thomas which is manufactured from rubber wood. The kids have played with it quite happily each bath time and it’s much cuter than our previous mould covered variety.

Can you help me?

What do you think? Take everything white or introduce a print? Or have you got any other bright design ideas? Please do comment below or come hang out on Facebook!

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