If you follow me on Instagram at all, you’ll know that we recently embarked on an epic road trip South. Usually, we’d just fly down to Gatwick but for some reason we thought it would be fun to drive. It will be no surprise this was successful for as long as Thomas slept. The rest of the time, he was pretty grumpy. We did however find a solution. A solution that entertained both kids, caused them hilarity and happiness for Mike and I.

When I heard that Jen’s beautiful son Finlay had died, it felt like the world had somehow gone wrong. Children aren’t meant to die. Certainly not out of the blue. It was like we had all somehow wandered into the twilight zone. As the blur settled into reality, I’ve watched Jen through her grief; unsure if there was anything I could possibly do to help. I have however been certain of her strength and beautiful nature. There are few people I admire more in life – both on a professional and personal level. I had wanted to ask her to guest post for some… View Post

I can’t actually believe that April contained the Easter holidays as it already seems so long ago. We had a brilliant time over the break – in the first week I took the kids rock climbing, swimming, and hung out at the park loads. Then we embarked on an epic road trip to Sussex to enjoy a few days mooching around Brighton. I was then meant to fly home with the kids. Mike set off back to Edinburgh with the car and all was going to plan. Until I realised that he had left with my wallet and passport. So… View Post

Let’s be honest. Changing nappies is never going to rate highly in anyone’s favourite activities. It’s just one of those things that you just get on with. Whilst you may get people who are nostalgic for baby days, I would question whether nappies really are one of their highlights. So why do I add to the chores and use cloth nappies? With Real Nappy Week underway, I seems timely to bring together my 4 reasons that we chose to opt in. I should be clear that I am largely shallow for my reasons for using reusable nappies. I mean, some of my reasons are… View Post

We were recently asked to test drive the Ford EcoSport to see how it stood up to family life in Edinburgh. I don’t cover a massive amount of mileage a year around Edinburgh but equally I wouldn’t survive long without a car. A car is crucial for our school-run and getting the kids to all their various activities throughout the week. So, I have three key features that I look for in cars – safety, comfort, and coffee cup holders – the more the better. Early on Saturday morning, I took Katie and Ben off to Peoples Ford Edinburgh to pick up the… View Post