May does seem to have whizzed by as much of my working life has been out of the norm. I find that being out of routine with each day being different means it’s much harder to keep track of days. As a consequence, they just seem to go by in a flash. I was thinking I still had loads of spare time, when all of a sudden May is over and I actually have this little pile of work that’s built up whilst I’ve been lazing in the sun! Once again, I thought I’d follow the Little Loves structure –… View Post

In the UK, Father’s Day is rapidly approaching so once again, I’m faced with the question – what do you get the person who has everything they want? If you’re stuck for ideas then I really think I’ve found a solution and the Perfect Gift for Father’s Day. Obviously, there’s things that I would love to get for my husband  – a new car, a holiday abroad, world peace – but for most of us those things just are obtainable! Which leaves us with the question – what is the perfect gift for Father’s Day? My usual trick with my husband Mike is to look… View Post

Anyone who knows me well will be aware that I’m a little fussy about what we have in our house. I’m not a massive fan of things that are plastic or garish, and I positively loathe anything emblazoned with cartoon characters. Having kids, with a relentless love of thing like Paw Patrol can therefore be pretty tricky. You can therefore appreciate my joy at receiving a beautiful set of High Chair Cushions from Messy Me to review – not only are they practical but they look good too! The High Chair Cushions Upon receiving the cushions, I immediately went about attaching… View Post

This week I’ve been taking part in ‘projects week’ at work. In part this has involved much surveying from afar but the kids have been busy kayaking, sailing, climbing and of course – hill walking. I always have this great image of hillwalking – I blame the sound of music. They just gamble about merrily singing. The reality is a lot less appealing in my opinion. I just don’t really get it. Are you an outdoor enthusiast? I think I prefer mountains that I can drive up. I feature an original illustration by Alison Soye every Friday, and here’s today’s. P.S. You can see… View Post

One of my blogging icons is Laura, of the beautiful blog Five Little Doves. Despite life being far from easy at times, her take on life is always refreshingly honest yet cheerful and upbeat. Her photos of life in Lancashire with her beautiful children so reflect the love that she has for her family. Here, Laura shares her love of skinny jeans and her secret for turning a bad day into a good one…