This week I’ve been taking part in ‘projects week’ at work. In part this has involved much surveying from afar but the kids have been busy kayaking, sailing, climbing and of course – hill walking. I always have this great image of hillwalking – I blame the sound of music. They just gamble about merrily singing. The reality is a lot less appealing in my opinion. I just don’t really get it. Are you an outdoor enthusiast? I think I prefer mountains that I can drive up. I feature an original illustration by Alison Soye every Friday, and here’s today’s. P.S. You can see… View Post

One of my blogging icons is Laura, of the beautiful blog Five Little Doves. Despite life being far from easy at times, her take on life is always refreshingly honest yet cheerful and upbeat. Her photos of life in Lancashire with her beautiful children so reflect the love that she has for her family. Here, Laura shares her love of skinny jeans and her secret for turning a bad day into a good one…

When I shut my eyes and envisage my perfect house, it really includes original antique floorboards. In my dreams they are of course entirely clear of clutter and spotlessly clean as well. But in reality, when you have kids about it’s nicer to have something soft for the little ones to run about on. No matter how much I cajole them into wearing cute slippers, Thomas particularly just delighted in running about with bare feet. Rather than carpeting the whole house, the most obvious solution is to put a rug down. Unfortunately, this may not be as simple as it first… View Post

I know that one person’s idea of a perfect outfit may be another’s idea of fashion faux pas. And of course, an outfit may be perfect for one event and not for another. But I think that a perfect outfit is the one that makes you feel right. No matter what the occasion may be. When I shut my eye and picture what I’d like to look like – the event doesn’t come into it. I look polished, put together, slim, and stylish. I have a coffee in one hand and my camera in another. I would like to think… View Post

About a month ago, Katie came home from preschool claiming that she had eaten a ‘bab.’ She gave instructions that she wanted ‘babs’ for dinner and that was the only thing she would eat. It took me a while to work out what the heck she was going on about. But it turns out if it’s on a stick she’ll eat it. We’ve recently had to revert back to having a very restrictive diet for Katie – so no dairy or soya. Whilst this is fairly straight forward, it does mean that there are lot of things she can’t eat.… View Post